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Howard Blum and
The Financial News & Information Service

About Us


The first daily edition of our former flagship product 'Economic Insights', was produced and shipped on April 1, 1991. In those early days it was fax distribution only. From its humble beginnings grew a series of newsletters, a business and a service. It is impossible to estimated the number of people that read the publications written and produced by The Financial News & Information Service on a monthly basis. Why? Because of the unknown circulation numbers of the newsletters personalized or 'Private Labeled' editions for use as a marketing tool to increase referral business is produced and shipped to others to distribute to their client and referral bases.

Many things can be said about our founder Howard Blum as a person, a business professional, a member of his community and a concerned citizen of these United States. Former President Jimmy Carter once said, "The highest office one can achieve is that of citizen." That sentiment is fully embraced by Howard Blum as illustrated by his personal philosophy of, "Life is about living, learning, sharing and making a contribution to society before we depart."

Who is Howard Blum?

Howard Blum is the owner and founder of The Financial News and Information Service. Howard is an active member of Novato, CA, a suburban community 30 miles North of San Francisco. He has served his community in many ways and on many (non-compensated) levels from being active in local charities and service clubs like Lions and Rotary Clubs, to serving on local boards to formerly holding seats (non-compensated) as a Commissioner on City of Novato and Marin County Commissions dealing with issues as diverse as budgets and capital projects for parks, recreation and community services facilities to what constitutes a "living wage" for hourly wage earners in Marin County.

The Financial News & Information Service produces newsletters read from CA to Washington, DC to Europe and Asia by members of the press in the print and broadcast mainstream media, bankers, lawyers, politicians, accountants, educators, members of the real estate community, mortgage loan originators, mortgage bankers and individual investors.

Born, raised and educated in New York City, Howard Blum is also a Vietnam Era veteran having served in the US Navy from 1964 through 1966. Most of his time in the Navy he was attached to Submarine Squadron 10 as an Electricians Mate on the USS Fulton, AS-11 out of New London, Conn.

Howard has appeared on radio and television around the world offering his insights of what is driving the bond market, the economy and Federal Reserve monetary policy. His interest rate forecasting has brought him a great deal of recognition in the San Francisco Bay Area for decades. He has "hands on" experience with the lending and real estate industries as a real estate investor, former holder of a CA real estate license for 21 years and he also spent 25 years in the mortgage banking industry and forging some interesting friendships with people like Dr. Doug Duncan, Chief Economist for Fannie Mae and prior to that at the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Howard Blum is also an award winning public speaker, speaking to audiences, large and small, about the relationship of the Federal Reserve and the economy, the 'Whys' behind Fed monetary policy and the direction of the economy and interest rates in plain English (without using 'Eono-Babble').

Who does what?

Hiroko Suzuki, Editorial and Business Development Support, our office
Greg Loew, Production & Web Design Support, Emeryville CA
Lillian Alnev, Design Support, Oakland, CA
Studio Marionette, Graphic & Template Design Support, San Leandro, CA
iTransact, Secure online credit card clearing & support, Salt Lake City, UT
Nova Information Systems, non-virtual credit card services, Atlanta, GA
APS Technology, Computer Hardware Technology Support, Hillsbosoro, OR
Apple Computer, Mac Hardware Support, Cupertino, CA
Toshiba Computer, PC Hardware Support, Irvine, CA
Howard Blum, Research, Analysis & Writing

Special acknowledgements

We would like to give a very large thank you to Greg Loew of San Leandro, CA for the design and layout of our website. Greg has since moved onward and upward and became the Creative Director, Consumer sites for Ask Jeeves in Emeryville, CA for a number of years before moving on.

What is our purpose as a company?

As a company we have remained focused on two important needs to be filled. One is to call things the way we see them in our writing of our information newsletters. We strive to provide our subscribers with consistent objective analysis of the national economy, the credit markets and the direction of interest rates and the housing markets. To remain consistent to this end we do not accept commercial advertising for any of our publications. We will always look to provide prescient analysis and perspectives that will not be found elsewhere.

The second need is provide the highest quality 'content driven' newsletters for use as marketing tools for real estate, finance and related industries. Without compromising content or perspectives, we deliver the type of tools the reader looks forward to receiving. It is our 'silent salesperson' for the subscriber that takes advantage of these unique marketing pieces. It directly and indirectly asks the reader for referral business for the subscriber of our personalized marketing newsletters.

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