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The delivery rate (the basis for most fixed rate loans in this country) for the past month

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There are no changes for
2014 conforming loan limits.

You can download a complete listing of all counties in the USA for their high-balance conforming loan limits by clicking here.
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July’s Sales Pace 5.59 million homes sold Up 2.0% from June 5.48 MM pace & Up 10.3% versus July 2014 pace of 5.71 MM)

NE Region 700,000 unit pace (Down 2.8% from June & Up 9.4% from July 2014’s pace)

Midwest Region 1.32 MM unit pace (Unchanged from June & Up 10.9%from July 2014’s pace)

South Region 2.29 MM unit pace (Up 4.1% from June & Up 9.6% from July 2014’s pace)

West Region 1.28 MM unit pace (Up 3.2% from June pace & up 11.3% from June July’s pace)

Release Date 8-20-15


May’s Sales Pace 546,000 homes sold (Up 2.2% from Apr. 534,000 pace & Up 19.5% versus May 2014 pace of 457,000)

NE Region 30,000 unit pace (Up 87.5% from Apr/ & Down 21.1% from May 2014’s pace)

Midwest Region 66,000 unit pace Down 5.7% from Apr & Down 12.0% from May 2014’s pace)

South Region 312,000 unit pace (Down 4.3% from Apr & Up 33.3% from May 2014’s pace)

West Region 138,000 unit pace (Up 13.1% from Apr & Up 25.5% from May 2014’s pace)

Release Date 6-23-15

July’s Annualized Starts: 1,206,000 units
(Up 0.2% from the revised 1,204,000 for June
and Up 10.1% from the 1,095,000 for July 2014)
Release date 8/18/15

NEW BUILDING PERMITS for July were 1,119,000
Down 16.3% from the revised 1,337,000 for June
and Up 7.5% from the
1,041,000 for June, 2014
Release date 8/18/15

Latest National Assn. of HOME BUILDERS' INDEX:

Aug 2015 Overall index = 61 (Up 1)
- Present Sales = 66 (Up 1)
- Plans to Buy in 6 Mos = 7o (Unch)
- Buyer Traffic = 45 (Up 2)
Release date 8/17/15

Home Loan Interest Rates WEEKLY CLOSING LEVEL: (as defined by the Freddie Mac delivery rate, the largest buyer and owner of fixed rate home loans in the United States.)

Week Ending 8/14/15 = 3.46%; Down 3BP
from 3.49% for the week ending 8/7/15

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