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Private Label Series for Loan Originators

(Personalized newsletters to assist you in your marketing efforts to increase your business with a target audience of your customers: real estate sales professionals and consumers.)

"Howard Blum writes the best mortgage newsletter I've ever seen that is purely focused on mortgage rates, the housing market and the economy.  This is the antithesis of those newsletters that have recipes and "how to tips" on how to maintain your home.   I started sending it to about 1,700 recipients (clients, real estate brokers, attorneys etc) the first week in January on a weekly basis and it has dramatically increased my business.  Everyone loves reading it every week, especially now with the mortgage markets being front page news."

Dean Kessler
The Manhattan Mortgage Company
New York City, NY
March 22, 2008

Our weekly & monthly personalized newsletters are
now available in either English or Spanish!

How good are our market calls, RateFlash Alerts and interest rate forecasting?

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The Loan Originator Series

What are you buying?

When you order our newsletters we will ship you (via E-Mail) 'Camera Ready' artwork for reproduction.These “content driven” newsletters are intended to inform the recipients as well as increase your market presence and recognition in your marketplace. You can e-mail them, print them and fax them to people - all for a comparatively small subscription fee relative to what you are getting.

The WEEKLY Edition - Fully Personalized - COLOR
A 1-page letter sized edition written for a target audience of real estate sales agents, accountants, attorneys, real estate developers and key clients. The edition contains charting and highlights of the week's 'econonews' releases, the relative impact on the credit markets, the housing sector and what may lie ahead.

For a current COLOR weekly edition Free Sample in Abobe pdf format >>CLICK HERE<< and we will e-mail it to you.

Please note: To open any of our newsletter samples you will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 7.0 or higher) installed on your computer.

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The MONTHLY Edition
A 4-page letter sized edition with charting and highlights of the month's 'econonews' releases, the relative impact on the credit markets and what may lie ahead. This edition also has overviews of both the national real estate market and the potential for future interest rate direction.

For a current COLOR monthly edition sample in Abobe pdf format >>CLICK HERE<< and we will e-mail it to you.

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Group Discounting:
Discounts are available for group buying (multiple users within the same office). Call 800-273-9995 for more information and details.

Don't forget to check out our Daily Economic Insights. It is a perfect companion product to keep YOU up-to-date on what is happening to home loan rates and why every business day that the credit markets are open.

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