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These newsletters are personalized by us for you to distribute to your clients and customers. We will send you a camera-ready master copy of each issue via fax or email, which you can reproduce in any quantity and deliver it via 'snail mail', e-mail or fax. The only restriction is that you MAY NOT post this newsletter to your web site or any other web site.

Additional personalized editions for individuals within the same office are available. To order additional personalized editions call us at 800-273-9995 or contact us at sales@econonews.net.

If you would like to order a 'generic' non-personalized office edition, leave the field 'Name' blank and enter "No" in the 'Photo' field in section 2 of this form.

Due to copyright protection issues, we cannot allow you to make any changes to the newsletters after they have been shipped to you. Have you read our terms of service?

For internet orders, the following charges have been waived:

Photo scanning and adjustment, normally $25.00
Template layout and setup, normally $25.00
Shipping and handling, normally $25.00


Section 1 - Order/delivery information
First Name:
Last Name:
Phone Number:
E-Mail Address:
for transaction receipt
*Delivery Method:
enter the email address or fax number for newsletter delivery. To receive monthly editions via Postal Mail, enter "postal mail" (Please re-enter your email address if it is the same as the transaction receipt address.)

Section 2 - Customization Information
Name as you would like it to appear on page one:
If you would like us to, we can place a title under your name. What would you like the title to read?:
Company name for page 4 panel:
Would you like your newsletter to be setup as a mailer (with room for postage and address or as a handout, with no room for mailing address and postage? If your newsletter will be a mailer, enter "Yes".:
Enter the address to be printed on your newsletter. If the newsletter is a mailer, enter return address.:
Do you want to use your company's logo and/or your photograph on your newsletter? We can scan your images at no cost or you can email us a digital version. Original images will be returned. Please be sure that the image or file is large enough for us to provide a quality result. You can email your image files to sales@econonews.net. If you want to include a photo or logo, enter "Yes".
Do you have a company or personal "slogan" you would like us to include on your newsletter? If you don't have one, we can suggest one for you. Enter your slogan, the word "suggest" or leave it blank if you don't want to include a slogan.
Additional information to be included on your newsletter:
Phone number
Fax Number
Email address
Website address
Please check this information and make any necessary changes above.

Section 3 - Payment Information
Only one Private Label Newsletter can be ordered at a time.
Subscription Period
Delivery Method*
Loan Originator Series Weekly Edition 1 page, letter size fully personalized & color
Per Month
Loan Originator Color Monthly Edition 4 pages, letter size color edition
Per Month
Realtor Series Monthly Edition 4 pages, letter size, Color
Per Month
Title & Escrow Company Series Weekly Edition 1 page, letter size color
Per Month
Title & Escrow Company Series Monthly Edition 4 pages, letter size
Per Month
Wholesale Lender Series Weekly Edition 1 page, letter size
Per Month
Wholesale Lender Series Weekly Edition 1 page, legal size
Per Month
Wholesale Lender Series Monthly Edition 4 pages, letter size, Color
Per Month
Your credit Card information will be entered securely on the next page.

Proceeding with this orer means you have read and agreed to our terms of service. On behalf of everyone at the Financial News & Information Service, we thank you again for your business. We really do appreciate it. For any questions about your subscription, contact support@econonews.net.

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