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What we provide you with…

The execution of your business plan and the marketing of your business (and yourself) can almost be a full time job by itself. Not many companies have an in-house designer, economist, market analyst and desktop publishing staff to provide themselves with a high quality, timely and industry specific 'content driven' newsletter. That is where we come in. The Financial News & Information Service can become your virtual in-house newsletter production staff. We will provide you with a "turn key" newsletter, ready for printing or electronic distribution via fax or E-mail. We can ship your 'Private Label' newsletter directly to the printing company of your choosing for you if you want 'hard copy' distribution. Your printer can print, fold, label, and even add postage and mail for you. We can provide electronic distribution via E-mail taking you completely out of the loop (save paying for it - and we can eliminate that also with automated credit card billing each month).

The different 'series' samples you will see are our stock formats. We can also work with you to create your own individual template. Any way you look at it, this is the most cost effective, high quality 'content driven' marketing piece available today for real estate industry and financing related businesses. If you want more bang for your marketing buck and customers that will look forward to receiving something from you on a regular basis, then you need to consider using our newsletters. Oh -- If you are looking for cookie recipes or dog training tips then perhaps our newsletters were not meant for you. Lastly, we do severely limit the number of private label editions in any given geographic area for obvious reasons.

There are minimal obligations required to get started with our private label newsletters. At the present time we have waived the fees for the scanning of company or individual's logos and photographs, new template layout changes and new account setup fees.

Do you have a website?

If you distribute your newsletters via E-mail and have a website, we will create an electronic link on every weekly or monthly edition your newsletter for you that will take the recipients of your e-mailed newsletter directly to your website with a single click. Some of the posted samples have this 'HotLink' as a demonstration.

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