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Howard Blum and
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"Again, thanks for the 'bubble' presentation at San Francisco Association of Realtors Expo. I enjoyed your straightforward, knowledgeable and irreverent presentation and learned a lot."
Catherine McConville
Real Estate Executive Magazine
San Francisco Bay Area

“When I heard Howard Blum's forecasting beginning in the 1980's, I thought he was out of his mind. Time has proven him to be consistently accurate.”

Rosie Allen, Newscaster, KGO Radio News, San Francisco, CA

“The rateflash is extremely helpful in performing timely coverage of any flow product we do. We really appreciate receiving these flashes.”

John Thomas
Jefferson Mortgage Group, Ltd.
(wholesale Lender)
Reston, VA

“I REALLY appreciate the "RateFlash"....you are extremely accurate!!! Sometime you get the word out before the lenders change, sometimes, the re-pricing has already begun, and your "flash" explains why we are seeing it. To all of you a great big THANKS!!!!!!!”

Pamela Norman
Net Branch Owner
American Pacific Mortgage
Benecia, CA

“You are doing great. The RateFlash alerts are right on the nose and I do not remember you ever missing on it. Thank you for helping us increase our profits!”

Alex Doce
Baron Mortgage Corp.
Salem, MA

“I don't keep an accurate tally but I know that you've only missed the mark a few times since I've been a subscriber to your service. We pay special attention to upcoming closings when a rate flash is received and determine whether to lock or float then.”

Jarrell Britts
Eagle Title Co.
St. Petersburg, FL

“I haven't been keeping track, but I haven't had to say "I'm sorry!" when I've told people to float vs. lock. Keep it up!”

Michal Ann Joyner
Loan Officer
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Mesa, AZ

“I'd give you 90% at this point, which is much better than I could do on my own. You've saved my bacon a few times. Keep it up!”

Mark McCarthy
Loan Officer
Washington Mutual
Bradenton, FL

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