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Daily Editions of Economic Insights...

...have been in continuous production since 1991 when the financial markets are open for business.

The focus of this one page edition is a strong emphasis on the direction of the benchmark 30-year Treasury bond's price and yield, its potential impact on the direction of our national economy and the underlying implications for the future. There is also an emphasis on the releationship of the day's econonews releases on the bond market, the credit markets and home loan interest rates. This edition has found favor with, and is of particular importance to, home loan originators and their wholesale funding sources. It tracks the Fannie Mae 10-day delivery rate and the yield spread between the long bond and the delivery rate. It often gives suggestions and insights as to where interest rates might be heading and why. It also addresses the potential impact of events and econonews releases with respect to the consequences for the overall economy and the housing sector.

This newsletter has found favor with credit market investors, bankers, wholesale lenders, loan originators and members of the real estate community for its insights into interest rate forecasting, the housing market outlook and national economic growth rate trends.

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RateFlash Alert Service

Our "RateFlash Alert service sends out warnings (via E-Mail and text message to your text-enabled digital telephone if wanted) of rapidly changing credit market conditions that could induce Fannie Mae and wholesale lenders to issue midday rate changes. This notifications are issued only when market conditions warrant and not on a daily or regularly scheduled basis. The analysis and offering of opinions for the potential of rate movement ahead are subject to change without notice due to the fast moving nature of the financial markets, changing investor sentiment, demand factors and changing overall economic conditions. The information contained here is being supplied to you "as-is" without warranty of any kind.

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