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Howard Blum and
The Financial News & Information Service


January 25, 2011:

"Your newsletter is "Nitty-Gritty" and excellent!"

George Lee, PhD
Professor of Economics
San Francisco State University
Graduate School of Int'l Business
San Francisco, CA

June 27, 2008:
Bottom line (after being a subscriber for only 6 mos.), your newsletter has increased my income by at least 20-25%, so I can't thank you enough!!!!! (Neither can my wife!)

March 22, 2008:
"Howard Blum writes the best mortgage newsletter I've ever seen that is purely focused on mortgage rates, the housing market and the economy.  This is the antithesis of those newsletters that have recipes and "how to tips" on how to maintain your home.  I started sending it to about 1,700 recipients (clients, real estate brokers, attorneys, etc.) the first week in January on a weekly basis
and it has dramatically increased my business.  Everyone loves reading it every week, especially now with the mortgage markets being front page news."

Dean Kessler
The Manhattan Mortgage Company
555 Madison Ave, 14th floor, New York, NY 10022

(Dean became a subscriber to our "private label" weekly newsletter (personalized for him) at the end of December 2007.)


January 22, 2010
"Howard Blum is the most knowledgable person I know."

(Said at the annual installation banquet for new officers of the San Francisco Assn. of Realtors at the Four Seasons Hotel, SF, CA)

Chad Nichols, Regional Sales Manager
North American Title Company
San Francisco Bay Area

May 23, 2008
" I love this newsletter and I am getting a great response from the investors (that I work with). Thank you."

"I do have one question: Why didn’t you kick me in the bottom and make me do this a long time ago?"

Pam Blanco, Realtor, Visions Realty, Inc.
Vice President, Residential Operations for Frontline Property Management, Fort Worth, TX

May 1, 2008
" I enjoyed reading the analysis.  Nicely done."

Kambiz Raffiee
Associate Dean & Director of MBA Program
College of Business Administration
University of Nevada, Reno
(Note sent to one of our Realtor subscribers to the weekly newsletter "localized" to the San Francisco, CA market.)

Apil 2008
"Thank you for producing such a great newsletter for us."

Gayla Wiley
Business Development
Chicago Title Company
Folsom, CA

March 2008
"My clients and I think your newsletters provide so much value. I will be a subscriber of yours for as long as I remain in this industry."

Kathie Monozon
Marketing Representative
Financial Title Company
San Mateo, CA

February 2008
"This month’s newsletter is again filled with good news for those of us working the North Texas real estate market."

Robyn Barrere
Business Development Manager
Alamo Title Company
Arlington, TX (Dallas metroplex)

January 2008
"Personally I am a subscriber to the daily newsletter because in a short two to three minute read I can find out all the relevant information of the day that relates to the hosuing and interest rate sector. It makes me look smarter when I talk with clients about what is happening on a day-to-day basis."

Pierre Beniston
VP & Sales Manager
FNF1031 Exchange Company

San Francisco, CA

January 2008
The subject line of the e-mail received : "Wow and Thank You!"

"Just thought you'd like to know I sent the first weekly to about 1,700 recipients yesterday and got some very positive responses as to the content of the newsletter as well as at least 7 possible inquiries regarding refinancing, purchases etc.  Thank you for a great newsletter!  I've been wanting to send out emails on a consistent basis and this is going to be the perfect vehicle for keeping in touch, adding value and ultimately doing more business."

5/8/08: "your daily insight has been invaluable!!!!  everyone loves the weekly newsletter.... "

Dean Kessler
The Manhattan Mortgage Company, New York City, NY

December 2007
"Thanks to you and your newsletters I got four transactions in 2007 (2 listings & 2 buyers) that I never would have had without your weekly newsletters and your help. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Tamara Nadarajah, Real Estate Consultant
The Perotti Group - Corte Madera, CA

September 2007
"First time I've seen editorial that attributes a good percentage of our current situation the result of investor pull-back. Very insightful and it's a shame that this is not more known."

Bud Barnes, Realtor Consultant
Coldwell Banker - Folsom, CA

January 2007
"I agree with everything you wrote in your weekly newsletter (that I subscribe to)."

Fred Allardyce, Realtor
Sotheby's International Realty- San Francisco, CA

December 2006
"You have saved my bacon many times with your market calls."
(daily & weekly subscriber)
Diana Crockett, Mortgage Broker
Lawyers Mortgage Company, Santa Barbara, CA

December 2006
"I just wanted to say thank you for sending me your newsletter this past year. It has been very informative."

Pete Davis, San Francisco, CA sent the above note in an e-mail to Lucia Cheng, a Chicago Title Marketing Representive in the City of San Francisco.

December 2006
"When I heard your forecast in March of this year for where home loan rates would be at this time I did not believe it. To my surprise you were right in your outlook and forecast. How did you do it? "
Vincent Yip, Realtor, GRI, CRS
ReMax San Francisco

March 2006
"You are really on top of your game."
"You are fantastic to work with."
Krista Hewlett, Sales Assistant
Chicago Title Company, Irvine, CA

March, 2006
"Everyone I have been sending the weekly newsletter to loves it!"
Ron Martin, Manager, Island Home Mortgage
Sanibel Island, FL

March, 2006
"Your monthly newsletter for loan originators is a bargain."
Suman Singh, Vice President & L.O., Bank of America, Palo Alto, CA

January, 2006
"I continue to get rave reviews for our weekly newsletter."
Julie Williams, Marketing Rep, Chicago Title Co., Sacramento, CA

I wanted to write and tell you about the resounding success I've had with your newsletter since receiveing it from you and taking it into the field with me. I can't tell you how many people have praised the information contained within. I have heard everything from "I look forward to receiveing your newsletter every week." "Other title reps come around and just kind of dance around - you bring informative insight to me and useful information I can use and benefit from." to "I have come to rely on your newsletter every week. It arms me with information about the local real estate market and economy so I can talk to my clients and be a trusted advisor instead of just a typical lender trying to close their loan."

I appreciate your letter very much and plan to continue taking it into the field with me to enhance my efforts.

Cy Lucas, Lender Rep., Chicago Title Co.
San Mateo, CA

"The newsletters written for our company by The Financial News & Information Service have a unique way of making complex econo-babble understandable."

Gregory Simpson, Vice President & Production Mgr, Matrix Financial Services, Phoenix, AZ

"I have materially increased my income using the newsletters from The Financial News & Information Service."

Patricia Purcell, Loan Agent, Colonial Mortgage and Investments, Scottsdale, AZ

"We have all benefited immensely because of your insightful newsletter and we thank you for providing such a great service. Keep up the awesome information and thanks again."

Sheila Collier and the office of Golita National Bank's Mortgage Division, Santa Barbara, CA

"When I want to know what interest rates are going to do, I contact The Financial News & Information Service."

Lynn Jackson, BankAmerica Mortgage, Pleasant Hill, CA

"The content of the newsletters produced for us by The Financial News & Information Service were far superior to anything we could have produced internally."

Betsy Vavrin, former Marketing Manager, Western States Region, Great Western Bank

October 2005

"Again, thanks for the 'bubble' presentation at San Francisco Association of Realtors Expo. I enjoyed your straightforward, knowledgeable and irreverent presentation and learned a lot."

Catherine McConville
Real Estate Executive Magazine
San Francisco Bay Area

“When I heard Howard Blum's forecasting beginning in the 1980's, I thought he was out of his mind. Time has proven him to be consistently accurate.”

Rosie Allen, Newscaster, KGO Radio News, San Francisco, CA

“The rateflash is extremely helpful in performing timely coverage of any flow product we do. We really appreciate receiving these flashes.”

John Thomas
Jefferson Mortgage Group, Ltd.
(wholesale Lender)
Reston, VA

“I REALLY appreciate the "RateFlash"....you are extremely accurate!!! Sometime you get the word out before the lenders change, sometimes, the re-pricing has already begun, and your "flash" explains why we are seeing it. To all of you a great big THANKS!!!!!!!”

Pamela Norman
Net Branch Owner
American Pacific Mortgage
Benecia, CA

“You are doing great. The RateFlash alerts are right on the nose and I do not remember you ever missing on it. Thank you for helping us increase our profits!”

Alex Doce
Baron Mortgage Corp.
Salem, MA

“I don't keep an accurate tally but I know that you've only missed the mark a few times since I've been a subscriber to your service. We pay special attention to upcoming closings when a rate flash is received and determine whether to lock or float then.”

Jarrell Britts
Eagle Title Co.
St. Petersburg, FL

“I haven't been keeping track, but I haven't had to say "I'm sorry!" when I've told people to float vs. lock. Keep it up!”

Michal Ann Joyner
Loan Officer
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Mesa, AZ

“I'd give you 90% at this point, which is much better than I could do on my own. You've saved my bacon a few times. Keep it up!”

Mark McCarthy
Loan Officer
Washington Mutual
Bradenton, FL

"The analysis work being done by Howard Blum and The Financial News & Information Service is brilliant."

Timothy Collins, senior V.P., Institutional Investments, First Security Van Kasper & Co., a San Francisco stock brokerage firm

"I'm impressed that you correctly saw through the layers... predicted what had to happen, and it did happen today."

Bud Conrad, Futures Trader, Chicago Board Of Trade

"Howard Blum does the best fundamental analysis I have ever heard."

Dr. George Lee, Economist and Professor, San Francisco State University, Graduate School of Business (previously spent 20 years as an economist the for US State Department)

"Unlike so many others who merely report the 'What' ofeconomic news, The Financial News & Information Service does a superb job of presenting the 'How' and 'Why'. I strongly recommend their newsletters."

Geoff Metcalf, Author & Broadcaster, KSFO, San Francisco

"Howard Blum is the best interest rate forecaster."

Don Wiegandt, Financial Editor (retired), KCBS News, San Francisco (Said during a speech to the East Bay chapter of the California Association of Residential Lenders.)

"Howard Blum was way ahead of many analysts in seeing the implications of the Asian economic crisis."

Bob Price, Financial Editor, KCBS Radio News, San Francisco

"Howard Blum is a bond market guru."

Julie Rannazzisi, Bond Market Desk, CBS MarketWatch, New York City

"Howard Blum obviously has a sophisticated understanding of economics and public policy through his work and political activities."

Vince Mulroy, Managing Partner, Spieker Properties, A REIT on the NYSE

"When I started reading the newsletters from The Financial News & Information Service I knew I had to stop writing the economics portion of my own newsletter."

Russell Ketron, Financial Planner, Novato, CA, former recipient of the Churchill Peters Award for Excellence in Financial Planning

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