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We Agree To:

• Ship your newsletters as soon as possible and as close to our normal production dates as possible. Our target shipping dates are as follows:

Daily : Shipped by Noon Eastern Time
Weekly : Shipped by Noon Pacific time on Saturdays
Monthly : Shipped by the 6th of each month

• We will ship you exactly what you ordered. No more and certainly no less.

• Requests for changes to your monthly template must be received by us prior to the close of any calendar month if it is to be included in the upcoming issue. The weekly change requests must be received by Thursday.

• Any requests for changes to your 'template' received on or after the first of the month may or may not be included in that issue depending on where we are in the production schedule and time constraints to include the change in the current issue. Any requests for changes AFTER the newsletter has been produced and shipped to you will definitely be included your next issue.

We will also do everything we can to delivery an 'error free' newsletter each issue. Please keep in mind that books, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are also delivered with typos sometimes.

You Agree To:

• You agree to accept our terms as outlined above and below.

• Daily Subscribers - You agree to never forward via e-mail or fax, redistribute any hard copies or otherwise send the daily newsletter to anyone. This includes the sending of the dialy to branch offices of the company at other addresses within your office or different remote locations.

• You agree to pay for your newsletters. If you are subscribing to the monthly newsletter and paying with our automated credit card system, you agree to allowing us to automatically charge your card on the same day each month. If the charge is declined by your credit card company, we reserve the right to withhold shipping the newsletter until payment is received. The daily and weekly automated charges will occur on the same date each month. The monthly charges will occur on the first of each month. Non-payment due to charge card rejection may result in the immediate temporary suspension of service until we receive payment for your service.

• If you decide to cancel your subscription after we have produced an issue for you, you agree to pay for that issue. If you decide to cancel your subscription AFTER the recurring charge has been processed, you will receive the balance of the issues due you for what you have paid for. However, under no circumstances will you receive a prorated credit or any credit to your charge card after the automated recurring monthly charge has been processed. We reserve the right to allow a credit towards another product for multiple product subscribers, or to subscribers that may chose to subscribe to a different product in the middle of a billing cycle.

• You agree to not allow anyone else to use your personalized newsletter as a marketing tool for their use.

• You agree to not post your newsletter to your website or any other website.

• You agree to honor and respect our copyright protections under the law by not altering, changing, modifying or deleting any part of our product for any reason. This includes trying to 'personalize' any 'generic' office edition that is not personalized by us prior to shipping.

• You agree to not copy, use or knowingly allow others to use our words, charts, graphs or illustrations in another publication or marketing piece.

• You agree to allow us to periodically choose your newsletter to use as a sample of that edition.

• You agree to a minimum commitment of at least three months service for any personalized newsletters (some editions longer).

Daily Subscribers : You agree to not forward your E-mailed newsletter to anyone for any reason. All subscribers agree to NOT redistribute this newsletter via E-mail or Fax to anyone, at anytime or for any reason. This includes the sharing of a 'hard copy' of the daily newsletter with colleagues and co-workers in the same office of the same company within the same physical location. You are only permitted to do so if you secure a site license for redistribution within your office.

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